Allison R. Banks

"The little things are infinitely the most important" - Arthur Conan Doyle

Growing up surrounded by art, I always felt at home in the creative fields.  My parents are professional musicians and teachers and my sister and I often did homework in the back of a concert hall.  Through their work, my parents were able to travel and show us the world at a young age.  I couldn’t get enough of the museums and theatre, book stores and architecture…there was so much inspiration everywhere!  We were always encouraged to be creative and expressive.  I never believed that I had to go into the arts, it was just a natural fit.

At fifteen years old I found a job answering the phone for a local hand-engraver, Bob Rosser, during the busy Christmas season.  When I wasn’t answering calls or helping with clients, I sketched on graph paper to pass the time.  Surrounded by silver flatware, goblets, jewelry, and beautiful antiques - I was fascinated!  Bob noticed my sketches, realized that I had an eye for balance and symmetry, and asked if I’d be interested in learning how to do layout and prep work after school.  I was in!

Early on, as a teaching tool, Bob suggested I use fountain pens and paper to get a feel for different fonts from classic script to old english.  Over time I graduated from felt tip pens to fountain pens and then to dip pens with bottled ink.  Dip pens became my favorite tool and I started drawing monograms in ink to see what I could create.  After a few years of developing my style, clients started asking if I could design their monogram for printed stationery or do calligraphy for a wedding and before I knew it I had great freelance work coming in through word of mouth.

Monograms, invitations, thank you notes, and elegant calligraphy… no matter how high tech our world becomes, all these things continue to have a place and bring countless joy to people and special times in our lives.  Think back to a big event and you’ll probably find a note, an invite or symbol that helps mark the moment.  It’s amazing how these little things stay with us.

Something I love about my work is that no day is the same and every client is different.  Today I’ll be working on monogram sketch proofs and then tomorrow I might consult with a bride for her wedding suite.  While I find inspiration in everything from antiques, books, to old documents and architecture, I think clients are my best inspiration.  Everyone brings something new to the table and I’m always challenged in the best ways.  The possibilities are endless!

Bringing joy to my clients and getting to be a part of their lives and special events is such a blessing.  I know how fortunate I am to do what I love for a living and I give thanks for that every day.  I hope you enjoy viewing the samples and ideas you’ll find on our site.  Allow  your imagination to run wild and let us know if there’s something we can design especially for you.

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you enjoy our site and that you find some inspiration in the details!