Life has a way of drawing you toward the right path, if you follow your instincts and take chances. When I was 15, I took a holiday job with a local hand engraver, Bob Rosser, answering phones and helping clients in the front office. Silver flatware and goblets, trays, and julep cups… Bob’s shop was filled with beautiful items all waiting for hand drawn monograms and names or shields with fine details and embellishments. I had always loved to draw and that environment was like a candy shop for this budding artist!

During down time I would sketch and trace, trying to replicate the techniques I saw. When Bob noticed my drawings he asked me to stay on and learn the prep work for his trade, drawing monogram layouts and fonts before he cut into the metal. I was hooked, learning a beautiful art form that’s been around for centuries. Ink quickly became my second love, when I realized that I could translate the monogram designs from silver onto paper, so they could be used for stationery and other countless printable items.

For years, I did my artwork freelance, through word of mouth, while I worked in publishing as a stylist and editor. When the opportunity came for me to take the leap and open my studio full time, it was scary and exciting. I’m so glad I leaped! I love my work, my clients are amazing, and no day is the same. The studio has grown over the years and I’ve enjoyed growing with it. I continually strive to keep my designs fresh, but always with a nod to the old world artwork that’s inspired me from the beginning. I hope there are designs here that you find inspiring for your event and for your daily life!