Custom Monograms are a beautiful addition to your wedding and home decor. Once the design is complete, the monogram is yours to use as you wish! It can be used on everything you can imagine, from invitations and stationery to napkins and glassware. You’ll also be able to use your new monogram in our Shoppe for items we provide in-house, like our gift wrap, tags, and cutting boards. The possibilities are endless!

By purchasing our Pre and Post Wedding Monogram Set, you’re choosing to follow wedding etiquette! You’ll have the 2-letter monogram to use leading up to your wedding, everything from save the dates and invitations to party invites and welcome boxes, then your 3-letter monogram will be ready to use for your wedding and reception items. Typically a 2-letter monogram combines a bride and groom’s first initials and the 3-letter design will have your first initials together with your married last initial. You’ll also have both designs to use after your wedding, on personal items throughout your home!

Our monogram turn around time is typically 4 to 6 weeks, once the monogram details are confirmed on our calendar and the sketch process has begun. If you have a tight timeline and need a design soon, let us know and we’ll check our schedule. (A rush fee of $100 will be added to your monogram invoice, if rush scheduling is possible.)

Monograms are not for resale or for use on products for resale.

Any surround, wreath, or shield included with your design is not to be separated for use without your monogram. Surrounds, wreaths, and shields are for personal use only and not for resale.

Please note that monogram pricing is subject to change upon complexity of work. Projects that require quotes, outside of pricing shown here, will be provided with confirmation of design details. During the monogram design process, any changes or additions will be quoted before moving forward.

Ready to start your custom hand-drawn monogram? Submit your information here or email with more details to get on our calendar and begin the design process! -

Name *
Please provide the name or names you wish to use for your 2 and 3 letter monograms. If you would like to use more letters in either of your monogram designs, to create 4, 5, or even 6 letter monograms, please provide additional details in the style notes below. (Additional Monogram Letters @ $50 per letter)
Please describe the type of monogram you would like Allison to design! We recommend using our Popular Style Guide for reference. If you have other sources or photos you wish to share, email them to Allison (email linked above) along with any other notes.
Let us know if you would like a surround to go with your monogram. If yes, you will receive the monogram with and without the surround for use both ways. Please note that this addition will add a $50 minimum fee to your monogram design.
If the monograms will be used for your wedding or special event, please let us know!


  • First Step: Submit our monogram form with your contact information and details for the letters/initials in your monogram. Provide details on the style monograms you would like Allison to create. Typically, pre and post wedding monograms are designed to compliment each other in style. We recommend using our Popular Monogram Style guide for reference, but anything else you would like to email for inspiration is welcome. Whatever points Allison in the right direction for your unique monogram design!

  • Second Step: Once your information is confirmed and put on our calendar, Allison will design your monograms in a sketch proof and send the proof to you for notes. Sometimes the monograms are exactly what you want, but we know that sometimes changes are needed to make a monograms perfect. That’s why you have 2 sketch proof revisions included in the design process. Notes for pre and post wedding monograms should be sent at the same time, so changes to both designs can be kept together throughout the proofing process. (Additional sketch proofs are $50 each.)

  • Third Step: After a sketch is approved, Allison will design your monograms in ink! When finished, you will receive the monogram artwork through email in print ready, black and white files (JPEG, PDF, and EPS files). You can then use your monograms on anything and everything, now and in the future!

PLEASE NOTE: Monogram artwork is provided in file forms that are ready for printed items and any product requiring a vector file. Designs are not ready for embroidery and must be digitized to create a stitch file for embroidery use. We recommend working with a professional embroiderer to translate your monogram artwork for pillows, towels, and other stitched embroidery uses. If you have your own embroidery machine, we recommend this website to digitize your monogram for personal use: